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Do School Management Software Help?

Published 1 week ago2 min read0 comment
School Management is no longer a traditional management work. For any business IT enabling is a must. If you don't do it today you will start lagging at much more speed than before. Today businesses demand key parameters to fine tune the business. There are several key parameters which evaluate the health of the School and by the use of software it is very easy to control.
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Why Every School Should Have A Website?

Published 2022-04-015 min read1 comments
Schools are considered to the most important entity for bringing about the social change. First school is the mother's lap where children get the first education. Today we start early at the age of 3 or even less.
Schools are no longer the same old traditional schools. It is now necessary to have a Web Site to provide the latest information or as to what is happening in the School. It is compulsory for the schools to have a web site. Affiliation bodies (State Board, CBSE) make it mandatory to have a website where all the information is published as per guide lines.
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